Flora Vista PTA Communications

I was VP of Communications for the Flora Vista PTA for four years. My responsibilities were maintaining the website to keep the information current, writing a weekly electronic newsletter, and creating an online donations cart (for more details on the donations cart click here).

We created the website using Google Sites for the purpose of handing it over to the next generation of parents. The WYSIWYG format is easy to use and the website stays with the organization when the old web person moves on. I organized this website to make it easy to find the information the user wants. Whether the user wants to see the school calendar, donate, volunteer, find school lunch info, I wanted them to find what they need quickly and easily.


Electronic Newsletter
I wrote and emailed a weekly newsletter using Constant Contact. To keep the readers informed of all news and events I would stay aware of all current and upcoming events and communicate with the Principal and other PTA Board members.

PDF Version of an Electronic Newsletter