How to Add a Facebook Feed to WordPress

Why add a Facebook Feed?

Adding a social media feed to your website is a great way to engage your audience, give more information to your customers, and build your following.  This is easy to do.

How to add a Facebook Feed

Log in to your WordPress admin page and then tap the plugins tab on the right.  At the top of your page you will see an “Add New” button, click it.  Type Facebook feed in the search box at the top.  A list of plugins will display on the page.  There will be many.  To narrow down my choices I look for plugins that have been downloaded more than 200 times (the more the better), has a good rating, and has been updated recently.  Plugins that haven’t been updated lately can mean that whoever wrote it isn’t supporting it anymore, and it can pose a security risk. Choose one that is compatible with your WordPress version.  All this information will be displayed with the plugins descriptions.

Side Note: Please keep your WordPress version up to date so you are not vulnerable to hackers. Here’s Why: Web Security

Install and Set Up

Install your chosen plugin, activate, and follow the instructions to set up. Usually this involves copying your Facebook Page URL and pasting in the plugin. Once set up you will see a short code that will look similar to this “[FBFeeder-123]”. Copy the shortcode given by your plugin and paste where you would like your feed to be. This can be pages, posts, sidebars, or footers.

Where to Showcase Your Feed

A good place to display your Facebook Feed is in the footer or a sidebar. This will ensure the feed will display on all pages and posts, increasing the chance for customer engagement. To add to the footer or side bar, travel to Appearance then Widgets and add the text widget to footer or sidebar. Paste the copied short code in the widget.

That’s it! Your feed should now display on your website and should automatically update when you add new posts to Facebook.

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