How important is Website Security

How to Prevent Website Hacking and Why You Should Care

I was hacked!

I never thought of myself as a target for hackers. I don’t store sensitive information like credit card numbers, I don’t even store email addresses on my site. Why would anyone bother. Well, after it happened I learned why, how, and how to protect against it.

What I learned about website hacking and how to prevent it

  1. You don’t have to have an e-commerce site or a site that has secret information to be a target for hackers.  – Suppose they want to collect information from you or your users, or use your email account to send out spam fishing email.
  2. You can be hacked and not know it. – It isn’t always obvious, in fact it is usually in the hackers best interest that you don’t notice. Hackers can get access to your files through ftp, or through your Content Management Software (like WordPress), and unless you are monitoring your files and know what to look for, you won’t see it.
  3. Being hacked can negatively effect your SEO rankings.  – A reason to hack your site can be to create a sub domain and email account to send out spam email. If your domain is reported sending out suspicious emails your site can be taken out of Google’s rankings and publicly marked as a suspicious site.
  4. Your website is under constant attack. – I am not being dramatic. When I used a software to tell me when someone is trying to log in to my websites, I was getting constant alerts. Hackers are constantly poking your site to look for holes. Scripts are written to relentlessly guess your password to the admin page of your website.
  5. Keeping your site CMS software up to date and using a good password isn’t enough. – You have to make sure to lock down your permissions on your files and password protect directories like your error logs, hide your admin login page.
  6. Always monitor – I live with the assumption that it can happen, so I monitor all my sites.
  7. Keep a backup of your website stored off line.  – There is nothing worse than trying to log into your website to find all the files gone from your server.  All that work you have invested gone!  If you have a off site backup, you can get your website back up and running.

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